Shaffali’s Yoga and Wellness Session

Shaffali-head-shotIMG_1328-300Shaffali’s yoga and wellness sessions are a fluid moving meditation. They emphasize the mind, body, breath and soul connection, which she encourages each of her clients to embrace fully: “Through this embrace and awareness, we can become more conscious of every aspect of our lives, in both the microcosm (our being) and macrocosm (the universe), leading us to our highest potential, and in essence, our highest self.”

Shaffali Miglani has practiced skincare, yoga and meditation since her teenage years. She is now a certified yoga instructor. She also has a skin care therapy license with her own skin care line – Shaffali Skincare (dedicated to her mother who showed her the ancient wisdom of natural beauty.) Her extensive experiences in yoga, meditation and skin care are what differentiate Shaffali Skin care from the rest. Her products are a beautiful blend of ayurveda and aromatherapy.  I think you will enjoy her Fitness Demonstration immensely.



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