Why Aren’t You Doing Pilates?


Pilates is too hard. Pilates is too easy. Pilates is only for people who are in shape. Pilates is too expensive. Sound familiar? These are some of the excuses we tell ourselves and others just to avoid trying it. I think it’s time to put these excuses to a side and come to the Women’s Health & Fitness Expo and join Chelsea Streifeneder  in her workshop entitled Why Aren’t You Doing Pilates? In this workshop will answer any and all questions you have about Pilates and get to the bottom of all the Pilates myths you have heard or are confused about. She will also have you move and give you some Pilate’s homework to incorporate into your everyday, healthy lifestyle.

Chelsea Streifeneder is the owner of Body Be Well Pilates. Her approach to teaching is practical, hands on, and intensive, but always accompanied by a bit of humor to keep it light! Chelsea is passionate about sharing Pilates and strives to teach concepts as opposed to just teaching exercises. She inspires her clients to take what they learn in their sessions and apply it to their everyday lives.

This workshop AND Pilates in general is for everyone!  Come to the expo and learn all you can about Pilates.



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