Healthy, Easy, Delicious Cooking!

Jennifer Gaffney chefWe all love home cook meals but we rarely have time to enjoy them.  Between work, kids soccer practice & household chores we struggle more and more to find time to make good healthy home cooked meals.

We at the Women’s Health & Fitness Expo encourage all to have healthy home cook meals, but how do we expect you to be able to achieve this you ask? Easy!!  Jennifer Gaffney will be at this years expo providing a cooking demonstration on a quick and simple yet delicious meal fit for any family or meal prep regimen!

Jennifer Gaffney:  “Here is my passion! I didn’t grow up eating many home cooked meals, no one taught me how to cook, eat or to provide my body with the nutrition it needs. Growing up, my mother as a single mother did the best she could for me every single day. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to find a common understanding, talent and love for real food and I’d love to share that same warmth with you!”

Come to the expo and spend some time with Jennifer, you’ll learn a lot and you’ll be glad you came.


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