Stress Less Savor More


We all suffer from stress and we all deal with it constantly in our everyday lives.  We look for ways to coupe and handle stress more efficiently, some of us are successful and some of us aren’t.  The question is what else can we do to better our stress level & how can we deal with it better? (That sounds like 2 questions doesn’t it?)


At this year’s Expo Sharon Rosen will be hosting a workshop in this topic.  Based in neuroscience and steeped in the unique wisdom of the heart, Sharon will help us understand how to feel more in control of our emotions, how to lower our levels of harmful stress hormones, and maintain clarity in the midst of chaos.  When we have the ability to deliberately cultivate and access the “wise brain in your heart”, we will respond differently to stress and savor more of life’s precious moments.  I think this workshop is just what the doctor ordered; will you take advantage of this great information?

Come to the expo and check out this workshop and many more.


Women’s Health & Fitness Foundation


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