Throw Your Mulitivitamin Away

Neal 2016 (1)


Vitamins are compounds which are necessary for our normal growth and function, which we cannot make within our bodies, and so we must obtain them from our foods.  Knowing this we have the tendency to purchase vitamins, just in case we’re missing one or two.  And who doesn’t love multivitamins, all these great nutrients neatly packed in just one pill? Genius!!  But are they really necessary?

At this years Expo Neal Smoller will be discussing this very same Topic. Neal LOVES supplements, vitamins, and wellness.  But the common use of a multivitamin may be completely unnecessary for many patients.  In his workshop he will be discussing what a multivitamin really is and where the ingredients come from. Neal will discuss the current state of the research on multivitamins and why they may not be what everyone thinks they are.  He will also show you how some small, yet effective changes to your diet to blow your multivitamins out of the water.

Neal Smoller, PharmD Owner of Village Apothecary, a family owned pharmacy that specializes in personalized care. Striving to cure and prevent diseases via traditional medication, high quality supplements, and compounded medication. The experts on staff provide free diet design and wellness consultations, which hundreds of patients have used successfully. 


“Why Do We Need Vitamins. Why Do We Need to Eat Vitamins?” Eat Balanced. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Apr. 2016.


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