On the Table in 30 Minutes!

Holly Photo 2016 Cooking

With the constant rush that we all live in, who has the time to actually prepare a healthy nourishing meals?  Wolfing down large chunks of food in a hurry pressurizes the digestive muscles causing stomach cramps and indigestion.  Most adults in the United States suffer from some sort of intestinal problem, but are we to do? With such demanding schedules we just feel at a loss. But no worries, rescue is on the way.  It is now time to kick that belief to the curb.

Join Holly Shelowitz, Culinary Nutrition Educator,  at this years expo where she will show you hot to prepare a fast  and fabulous dinner in her live cooking demonstration.  You will love this demonstration & you’ll be full of joy when you realize that it is possible to eat healthy in a rush. 

Holly Shelowitz, is a food educator and nutrition counselor who inspires people to eat their greens and get into their kitchen and cook. She offers the hands-on Hudson Valley Cooking Classes in Rhinebeck and delivers keynote speeches on cooking and nutrition for businesses and corporations. In the past, Holly worked as the Northeast Regional Nutrition Educator for Whole Foods and taught classes at the Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan and the Bronx Botanical Gardens.


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