Raffle Winners




Here are the winners of the Raffle Prizes:

  1. Susan E. : Snipper’s Basket
  2. Bridget D. : $50 off birthday party at MAC Fitness
  3. Ashlee Q. : Topracin Basket
  4. Kathy V. : 3 month introductory membership to MAC Fitness
  5. Debbie F. : Avon Basket
  6. M Smith: $50 off Summer Camp at MAC Fitness
  7. Deborah R. : One month of free classes at Triumph Karate
  8. Dee H. : $50 gift certificate to Kingston Fine Jewe;ry
  9. Liz L. : 45min Swedish massage at the Welltree
  10. Ashlee S. : Free Stress relief hypnosis CD from the Welltree
  11. Kathy: One hour hypnosis session at the Welltree


Congratulations to all the winners, we’ll see you next year!!



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