Simple Solutions For Wellness & Weight-Loss!

facebook_1430332034017Dieting is now a thing of the past!  At the Women’s Health & Fitness Expo Dr. Ken Kochman will be hosting a workshop entitled: Simple Solutions For Wellness & Weight-Loss.  This fun & interactive workshop will finally give you the concrete solutions you’ve been searching for to help you discover your OPTIMAL HEALTH & help you achieve FAST, SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE & HEALTHY WEIGHT-LOSS by utilizing FREE support and balanced eating…all with NO pills, NO counting, NO exercise, and NO dieting!

Ken struggled with weight issues his entire life. After failing over the years on many “Diets” he was ready to give up! Along came this wonderful program and he was finally able to get rid of the extra 58 lbs he carried around for years! Inspired by his own personal success, with the help of his team is helping impact lives all over the nation. Ken has literally helped thousands of clients regain their lives and get on the road to optimal health! He is the founder of New York Spine & Wellness Center, has helped individuals and corporations create wellness programs and initiatives to help people regain their health.  Additionally, he has successfully implemented weight-loss programs into health professional practices throughout the nation, benefiting both doctor and patient.  And he is ready to help you too…



Take Shape For Life


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