Strong is the New Sexy (isn’t it??)

amy-frischJoin us at the 15th Annual Women’s Health & Fitness Expo where Amy Frisch will be having a talk about Real Beauty, how our self-talk and behaviors not only affect our own confidence level but how readily that gets translated in our relationships. Participants are encouraged to  become more self-aware of their perceptions of beauty, aging, and being female through interactive exercises and sharing.

This is a very important discussion that we should all attend.  With the way women are portrayed in the media and Hollywood’s idea of female beauty our perceptions have become askewed and our confidence level  is not as it should.

Girls on the Run® is an international non-profit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential. Amy Frisch, LCSWR, specializes in work with women and adolescent girls and is the Ulster County Coordinator for Girls on the Run.

Come to the expo, where we will learn not just to be healthy physically but spiritually as well.  Mind and body will be addressed and I hope you can join us.


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