The Look-Great, Feel-Amazing, Age-Later Lifestyle


Did you know that regular meditators are twelve years younger physiologically than non-meditators? Or that physical exercise is the closest thing we have to a panacea for staying youthful? Or that there are foods in your kitchen right now that can give you the enviable “glow”? At this year’s expo Victoria Moran will host a presentation where you’ll learn to look and feel vital and vibrant all your life long with her M-E-N-D program – a memorable way to “mend” your ways and change your life. You’ll learn to:


– Enliven your food choices
– Eat a “rainbow diet”
– Keep the fountain of youth on your kitchen counter
– Discover the color of youth and vitality
– Get younger by doing nothing
– Unearth the metaphorical underpinnings of exercise
– Decrease your toxic load
– Make an ageless attitude yours forever

Victoria Moran  is the Oprah-featured author of twelve books including Main Street Vegan, Creating a Charmed Life, and coming this spring, The Good Karma Diet.  A plant-based nutrition specialist and certified holistic health counselor, Moran hosts of the weekly Main Street Vegan podcast, and directs Main Street Vegan Academy, an exciting in-person program in NYC to train and certify vegan lifestyle coaches.

This is the kind of information we can all benefit from, wouldn’t you agree. I know I will be there taking notes, will you?


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