Cooking with Trimona Yogurt – Surprising and Tasty!




Not so long ago, the only yogurt that US consumers appeared to be interested in was the thick, protein-packed Greek yogurt.  However, now a days there are many kinds of yogurts being consumed by the public.  Trimona yogurt for instance, developed by Atanas Valev was introduced in 2010.  Made with organic whole milk from grass-fed cows Trimona is not strained like Greek yogurt, giving it a lighter but creamer texture.

It contains no milk powders, or thickeners or added sugars, has lower pH than many other yogurts, and has a ‘tangy’ taste.  It’s not thick not heavy like Greek yogurt – but it’s really creamy.  Each 6oz pot contains 6g of protein.  People that experience digestive problems when they eat dairy find they can enjoy Trimona, which Valve attributes to the fact that A1, a protein more prevalent in milk is much less prevalent from Jersey and Guernsey cows, which is where the milk for Trimona comes from, here the A2 protein predominates.



At this year’s expo, Atanas Valev will be with us to talk about this great product.  He will give a brief history of Bulgarian Yogurt, its unrivaled health benefits, clearing out the confusion about dairy and why all dairy should not be demonized.  He will prepare marinated chicken thighs in Trimona yogurt with cucumber, dill and garlic and sautéed spinach and scallions with long grain brown rice, topped with Trimona yogurt.

Come to the expo and benefit from this great demo & learn more about this delicious yogurt and its many health benefits.


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