Simple Solutions For Wellness & Weight-Loss!

facebook_1430332034017Dieting is now a thing of the past!  At the Women’s Health & Fitness Expo Dr. Ken Kochman will be hosting a workshop entitled: Simple Solutions For Wellness & Weight-Loss.  This fun & interactive workshop will finally give you the concrete solutions you’ve been searching for to help you discover your OPTIMAL HEALTH & help you achieve FAST, SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE & HEALTHY WEIGHT-LOSS by utilizing FREE support and balanced eating…all with NO pills, NO counting, NO exercise, and NO dieting!

Ken struggled with weight issues his entire life. After failing over the years on many “Diets” he was ready to give up! Along came this wonderful program and he was finally able to get rid of the extra 58 lbs he carried around for years! Inspired by his own personal success, with the help of his team is helping impact lives all over the nation. Ken has literally helped thousands of clients regain their lives and get on the road to optimal health! He is the founder of New York Spine & Wellness Center, has helped individuals and corporations create wellness programs and initiatives to help people regain their health.  Additionally, he has successfully implemented weight-loss programs into health professional practices throughout the nation, benefiting both doctor and patient.  And he is ready to help you too…



Take Shape For Life


We have gone mobile!!!




The Women’s Health & Fitness Expo website is now mobile friendly so our attendees can get information about what’s going on either by browsing the site on their mobile devices and/or getting our mobile web app with the schedule and speakers. The mobile web app is available at the website or by clicking this link (using their iPhone, Android or Blackberry) and saving the app to their phone homepage:

Now we all can keep up with what’s going on with the expo anywhere we go, check it out, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Great Raffle Prizes



Courtesy of The Well Tree

  • One gift certificate for a 45 min session of the ultimate relaxation massage, Swedish Massage.  it relieves tension and stress, improves circulation & lymphatic flow, and restores harmony.
  • One gift certificate for one hypnosis session.  Hypnosis is a natural process in which your mind is even more receptive to positive suggestion, and insight. Hypnosis can help you to take control of your habits, behaviours, and feelings.  From quitting smoking, to losing weight, to managing situational stress, to overcoming apprehensions, to setting goals for yourself, hypnosis can help you improve virtually any aspect of your life.


Come to the 15th Annual Women’s Health & Fitness Expo and participate in the raffle, you can be a winner.



Our favorite MC/DJ Kimberly Kay


Kimberly Kay, is an actress and radio personality who wakes up The Hudson Valley daily on MIX 97.7FM in Poughkeepsie.  Kimberly got a BFA in Theatre from Hofstra University and began her professional acting career in Soap Operas, most notably playing Mindy Lewis on CBS’s “Guiding Light”. She was also featured in guest appearances on dozens of sitcoms and dramas including “LA Law”, “Roseanne”, “Cosby” and “Kate and Allie”.  She has performed on stage Off-Broadway and is well known for her roles in community theatre throughout the area including Performing Arts of Woodstock and Rhinebeck Performing Arts amongst many others. Kimberly has done countless radio voice overs and television commercials and even has some national car and drug television commercials running now. Kimberly takes boxing classes in Woodstock with her husband, luthier Joe Veillette to keep in shape and reduce stress.

She will once again be joining us at the Expo on May 2nd as MC on the main stage. Kim has taken part in the Expo for over 6 years and we are excited to have her back as part of the 15th Anniversary event!

She’s been a great asset to our event and we’re so happy to welcome her back.  We are very thankful to have her!!!



Raffle of Moolah Doula Session – valued at $175




Joanne Leffeld began her career as a financial planner in the 1980s and worked with clients one on one creating and preserving their estates.  After several years, she left the financial world to join her husband’s growing exhibit lighting design company.  When they moved to the Hudson Valley in the mid 1990’s, there were no yoga studios so Joanne began teaching in Rhinebeck, Woodstock and Stone Ridge.

Now that her children are grown, she has re-entered the financial world combining her knowledge as a CFP with her experience as a yoga teacher to offer a more holistic approach.  She refers to herself as a “Moolah Doula”, a person who helps give birth to a healthier relationship with money.  Joanne connects with clients helping them uncover their underlying attitudes and beliefs about money.  This practice establishes a crucial foundation essential to creating financial awareness and security.  By revealing the the deep-seeded contradictory relationship we all share with money, she helps clients understand and accept how they must first take responsibility for their current situation.  Moving forward, she then teaches clients how to save, invest and create the financial future they desire.

Joanne works with individuals and couples.  In addition, she enjoys teaching classes and workshops.  Her office is located in New Paltz, NY.


Joanne will be having a booth at this year’s expo & she will be raffling away a gift certificate valued at $175 for a Moolah Doula Session.  Come to the expo & participate on the raffle.

Strong is the New Sexy (isn’t it??)

amy-frischJoin us at the 15th Annual Women’s Health & Fitness Expo where Amy Frisch will be having a talk about Real Beauty, how our self-talk and behaviors not only affect our own confidence level but how readily that gets translated in our relationships. Participants are encouraged to  become more self-aware of their perceptions of beauty, aging, and being female through interactive exercises and sharing.

This is a very important discussion that we should all attend.  With the way women are portrayed in the media and Hollywood’s idea of female beauty our perceptions have become askewed and our confidence level  is not as it should.

Girls on the Run® is an international non-profit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential. Amy Frisch, LCSWR, specializes in work with women and adolescent girls and is the Ulster County Coordinator for Girls on the Run.

Come to the expo, where we will learn not just to be healthy physically but spiritually as well.  Mind and body will be addressed and I hope you can join us.

Green Tea and its Health Benefits

women's health & fitness expo

the amazing benefits of green tea

For thousands of years in the East tea has been regarded as a key to good health, happiness, and wisdom.   The health effects of tea have been examined ever since the first infusions of Camellia sinensis about 4700 years ago in China. The legendary emperor Shennong claimed in The Divine Farmer’s Herb-Root Classic that Camellia sinensis infusions were useful for treating conditions including tumorsabscessesbladder ailments, and lethargy.   Here in the West curiosity has aroused and research has been done to discover the many benefits of different types of tea.

Studies have found that some teas may help with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes; encourage weight loss; lower cholesterol; and bring about mental alertness.  Tea also appears to have antimicrobial qualities.  

Its been found that Green tea for instance, has a high concentration of EGCG which is a powerful antioxidant that may interfere with the…

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The Look-Great, Feel-Amazing, Age-Later Lifestyle


Did you know that regular meditators are twelve years younger physiologically than non-meditators? Or that physical exercise is the closest thing we have to a panacea for staying youthful? Or that there are foods in your kitchen right now that can give you the enviable “glow”? At this year’s expo Victoria Moran will host a presentation where you’ll learn to look and feel vital and vibrant all your life long with her M-E-N-D program – a memorable way to “mend” your ways and change your life. You’ll learn to:


– Enliven your food choices
– Eat a “rainbow diet”
– Keep the fountain of youth on your kitchen counter
– Discover the color of youth and vitality
– Get younger by doing nothing
– Unearth the metaphorical underpinnings of exercise
– Decrease your toxic load
– Make an ageless attitude yours forever

Victoria Moran  is the Oprah-featured author of twelve books including Main Street Vegan, Creating a Charmed Life, and coming this spring, The Good Karma Diet.  A plant-based nutrition specialist and certified holistic health counselor, Moran hosts of the weekly Main Street Vegan podcast, and directs Main Street Vegan Academy, an exciting in-person program in NYC to train and certify vegan lifestyle coaches.

This is the kind of information we can all benefit from, wouldn’t you agree. I know I will be there taking notes, will you?

More Raffle Prizes



More prizes!!!! 

We are raffling away the following prizes:


1) A basket courtesy of  Snippers full service spa:

-CND Sentsations Hand/body lotion

-OPI nail lacquer (mo-heat-oes green)

-Biomega intensive conditioner

-Joico K-Pak Thermal Design foam

-Biomega silk shampoo

-Joico Power Spray


2) Topricin pain relief basket


3) A basket from Avon: 

-True color eye shadow

-Avon shower gel

-Moisture therapy – daily skin defense

-Avon naturals body care shower gel


-Avon x-series shower gel


4) $50 gift certificate from Kingston jewelry


Come to the expo and participate in the raffle, you may be a winner!!!

Diabetes Academy: Carb Counting Practical Tips




When it comes to carb counting there is no such thing as a pro.  There is no master’s degree or PhD in Carbohydrate Science at any major university.  However, when it comes to keeping blood glucose levels in control, carbohydrate counting works better than any other system.  Better than counting calories. Better than avoiding sugar. And certainly better than the exchange system.

Carbohydrate is what raises blood glucose level abruptly after meals.  Counting and managing the amount of carbohydrate in your diet has important benefits, especially for those diabetics who are insulin dependent.  Carbohydrate counting allows you to match doses of mealtime rapid-acting insulin to the foods you eat.  This allows for almost unlimited dietary flexibility and helps to prevent post-meal highs and lows.

If you control your diabetes with diet and exercise, pills, or just one or two insulin injections a day, you can also use carbohydrate counting to improve your control.  Researchers at the University of Texas School of Allied Health Sciences in Galveston found that consistent carbohydrate intake in people with Type 2 diabetes leads to improvements in blood glucose control, whether or not a person also loses weight. In their study, people who ate consistent amounts of carbohydrate at regular intervals lowered their average blood glucose by 55 mg/dl, and lowered their average HbA1c from 8.8% to 6.9%.  (Gary Scheiner)



Registered Dietitians (RDs) who are also Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) take great pride in helping people with diabetes learn to count carbohydrates.  Maryanne Kesting will be at the Women’s health & Fitness Expo hosting a workshop entitled; Diabetes Academy: Carb Counting Practical Tips.  This “Diabetes Academy” will cover basic meal planning and carb counting.  Information on how to use the Nutritional Facts Label will be discussed, as well as practical tips on healthy eating, portion sizes, and tips for dining out with diabetes.

Maryanne has been dedicated to improving the health and lives of persons living with diabetes for over 25 years.  She is currently working with Novo Nordisk’s Diabetes Education Program to reach out and educate communities, medical practices, and their staff on topics that will help patients with diabetes achieve the most desirable health outcomes.

This information will be vital not only for those who have diabetes but for their families as well.  Come to the expo and take part of this great workshop that may help change your life.


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