The 28 Days Lighter Diet

Most women who are dieting do not realize that PMS and weight gain are connected—and that to really lose weight, increase energy, and feel better they need to consider their monthly cycle.  Traditional diets and exercise programs do not keep this in consideration when they publish a new work out regime or a new break through diet that will “revolutionize” our eating habits.  Its very frustrating to follow strict diets & not get the results that we work so hard to achieve.
Ellen Barrettauthor of The 28 Days Lighter Diet will be at this years Women’s Health & Fitness Expo discussing innovative combinations modern research  and ancient traditions that promote complete wellness for women, not just mere weight loss. She’ll outline core dietary suggestions, fitness guidelines and lifestyle recommendations for each of the phases of the menstrual cycle and how to take care of yourself throughout the month. The female body changes from week to week and keeping these changes in mind will better serve us in our goal to lead healthier lives.  
Come to this years expo and benefit from this great information that will aid us in leading healthy and happy lives.  

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