Les Mills Grit

There’s a reason high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the hottest fitness trends on the planet – it’s the fastest way to get fit, and in shape.  Short, sharp bursts of effort allow you to reach maximum training zones and that’s the secret to athletic performance.  This kind of work out provides the opportunity of spending less time in the gym and reap the benefits of working at your maximum.   

Formulated by a world-class development team, (including medical professionals and leading sports physiotherapist), and delivered by a highly skilled, motivating coach, LES MILLS GRIT™ will train your body harder than ever before, creating an athletic and powerful physique.

Set in a team training environment, you’ll have a great time with the people around you, be supported as you progress and enjoy the mental and physical benefits that only HIIT can offer.

LES MILLS GRIT™SERIES features three unique team training programs, GRIT Strength, GRIT Plyo (plyometric) and GRIT Cardio, that will push you to your max, and beyond. Not only do you get to know yourself better, you build strong relationships with your team members that carry over into your everyday lives. Building healthy habits into our everyday lifestyles is the first step to reaching our desired results.

LES MILLS GRIT SERIES AT MAC FITNESS takes it to the next level by offering Kettlebell and TRX Suspension Training and completing the program with pre and post fitness tests/photos and measurements, nutrition and meal planning.   At this years Expo the team at Mac Fitness will host a workshop demonstrating this type of workout and its benefits.  If you want to take your fitness to the next level, and have extra motivation to challenge your physical limits. If you have a weight-loss or fitness goal to reach or you just want to up the intensity of your workout come to this years Expo and check out Les Mills Grit.  This just might be the perfect workout for you.




Looking for the fountain of youth

We all have heard of the story of Ponce De Leon’s fountain of youth, a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters.  This is a notion that most people have been chasing for thousands of years, it first appeared in writings by Herodotus, in the Alexander romance, and the stories of Prester John.  Through out literature and popular culture the constant search for a way to recover ones youth has been endless, in today’s society that promise is made by the makers of beauty products.

We are all guilty, myself included, of purchasing such products because lets face it, we all want to be young and remain young.  Youth means to most beauty and so we keep trying every new product that is advertised that promises that they are the key to achieving youth and beauty.

This year at the Women’s Health and Fitness Expo Neal Smoller will hold and educational workshop where he will explain why most products and methods that come with the promise to make us feel young again fail us. But most importantly he will discuss real, obtainable solutions that actually work.  We will learn the impact that our diets and lifestyle have on the aging process. We’ll also see how beauty products and supplements can work against our efforts to look and feel younger.

Neal will discuss how to turn back the clock naturally and create real health and beauty from the inside out. Neal will recommend seemingly small changes and will illustrate the dramatic effect that these can have. So come to this years expo, have fun and learn how to find the fountain of youth.