Easy & Healthy lunches

The truth is that in this society in order to keep up we have to keep on moving.  With this constant need of always being in a rush planning a good healthy lunch is put in the back burner & we grab the quickest thing we can find to save time.  But by doing so we neglect to think what these “fast foods” are doing to our health when in reality we could actually enjoy good healthy meals that don’t take much time to prepare.

Chef Linda Soper-Kolton, Director of Compassionate Cuisine will be at this years expo showing us how easy it is to create & “take vegan lunches that will have you looking forward to that important midday meal.”  She will be demonstrating how to make Hearts of Palm “Crab Salad”, Chickpea of the Sea, healthy soy- and wheat-free Phony Baloney, and some delicious blender soups for your thermos or mason jar.

It is very important to have & maintain healthy eating habits, even if our lives are busy an chaotic.  Health is very important, & a good diet is a start to good healthy living.  Join us at this years expo & learn from Linda how easy it can be to live healthy in a fast paced lifestyle.