Join us at the Expo

In the past few weeks I have been sharing with you information about all the wonderful workshops and demons we will be having at this years Expo.  We’ve talked about exercise programs, healthy diets, hormone replacements and so on.  The Expo presents everything from traditional medical modalities to alternative health practices, fitness and cooking demonstrations, and much more.  Every year our goal is to bring to the public information that will help all women to better their overall health.

“€œMost of us tend to fragment our health into little compartments -€“ what we eat, how or if we exercise, medical check-ups, meditation, taking vitamins or supplements or medications -€“ but the various disciplines are not at odds with each other,”€ says Dr. Karnasiewicz, founder of the Women’s Health & Fitness Foundation. “€œThe approach and focus of our Expo is very unique; we ‘€˜bring it all together’€™ in one place so women can choose what appeals to them.  Becoming more health-conscious is a process and it’€™s different for everybody.  We give women access to the best information and experts in the fields of health, nutrition and fitness.”€

We will be bringing to you various Seminars about stress management, how to lead healthier lives. We will be hosting workshops on how to be organized, how to raise healthy families, how to improve our diets with many suggestions for natural solutions to health problems.  There will be cooking demos that will teach us yummy recipes that are good for us & our families.  And lets not forget all the fitness demos that we’ll teach us different ways on how to stay active & have fun while doing it.

I encourage you all to take advantage of this great opportunity to learn how to lead more active and healthier lives, not to mention all the great goodies that we will also be featuring at the expo like free spa services & free glamour photo shoots.  Come and join us, I know you’ll enjoy it.


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