How to Make Your Life Healthier

Today represents a new and exciting time for women of all ages.  Say goodbye to the ‘auto-pilot’ approach that many women faced from the medical community in the decades between their last contraction and their first hot flash!  Now, like never before, women have the potential to achieve their best health and fitness, and their best inner and outer well-being, but they need a good road map to do this, along with a good strategy and approach.  By taking a holistic, head to toe approach to vitality and stress reduction, women have the ability to look and feel better now, than they did 10 or more years ago.  Every woman deserves to thrive.  That means handling stress, getting good women’s health care, and nurturing yourself.

As we grow older our needs are constantly changing.  The many stages that we go through from puberty, to childbirth, to menopause urges us as women to be more self-aware of our bodies & to keep in good health not only for ourselves but for our families as well.  Taking good care of ourselves from does not only mean taking care of any illnesses but leading a healthy life style for prevention and a better quality of life.

At The Women’s Health & Fitness Expo  Dr. Jennifer Ashton will be holding a seminar entirtled The New Frontier in Women’s Health: How to Make Your Life Healthier, More Vibrant and Less Stressful.  After taking care of women for more than 10 years, Dr. Ashton has learned what works and what doesn’t work, and she will share these insights with you during her presentation.  As women it is our responsiblity to take care good care of ourselves & to teach future generations how to lead active & healthy lifestyles.  Come joing us & Dr. Ashton at the expo & learn all about being the best we can be.


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