Dancing as a Fitness Program


As summer approaches many people develop the drive to be more active, we see them engaging in all sorts of outdoor activities such as cycling, rollerblading, jogging and so on. Unfortunately this need to be active diminishes because most people do not want to be reminded that they need to do some sort of work out in order to lead a healthy life style; this is where dancing comes in. Dancing can be the perfect choice for most of us who want to be fit but need a more fun way of achieving this goal.

Dance has always been a great source for exercise, and there are all kinds of dances that now days are great cardio work outs such as hip hop aerobics, zumba and even pole dancing. Sometimes just a simple dance class can be enough to get one motivated to be more active and get in shape.

Most people love a challenge and a good choreography can provide that challenge. It’s not just the challenge of learning a new dance or simply learning to dance but the simple fact that we improve as we practice makes us proud and encourages us to keep going. Dancers have always had lean bodies because their muscles have to be strong, flexible and light. Most people look up to dancers and aspire to have this physique and so by taking a dance class we can gain muscle mass and have that figure most people want. Movements like plies build the quadriceps muscle. Maintaining a flat back while dancing can help tone back and core muscles.

We should also consider that dancing not only keeps us in great shape but also it can make us feel good. When we hear great music we feel connected to the world and we find a way to channel our emotions and be more expressive. Sometimes all we want is to have laugh-out-loud fun and other times we are just looking to relax and unwind. Music does this for us naturally and it leads to movement which in turn leads to dance. It also feels good because through dance we can bond with others. Dance is an activity that we have been engaging in for thousands of years, if we look in history at every culture dance has always been an important part of our lives as a society.


At the Women’s Health & Fitness Expo we are featuring different kinds of fitness demonstrations to show the public how easy & fun it can be to get in shape. Among the demonstrators we have Bryant ‘Drew’ Andrews, founder of the Unique Fitness Dance Company. His Dance Xross Fitness routine is a comprehensive fitness program constructed for today’s youth and their families bringing dance, kickboxing, weight training, and line dance and stretching together in one 60 minute session. DXF keeps participants engaged by using popular Hip-Hop, Pop, Soca and old school R&B music combined with ever-changing movement. Its fun, it’s cool and full of energy. DXF is the perfect recipe for a fun family fitness experience. The motivation behind DXF is to encourage a lifestyle of wellness by providing a work out that can be enjoyed by anyone. As the Artistic Wellness Director at the Center for Creative Education in Kingston, Drew has been able to introduce dance, exercise and wellness to the Kingston Community.

Dance can be fun and is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age group regardless of background. It can be as simple or as challenging as we make it, and it’s a great way to get in shape. Try dancing for fitness; I’m sure you will enjoy it no matter who you are.



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